Public Photography for blogging or social media

DSC_8683.JPGI don’t have great mental health which is why i find it difficult to take posed photos in public. I don’t think that enough people understand the courage it takes for someone with a bad mental health state to do well anything in public. I try and stay away from groups of people when i can which means that i go to quiet places to take my photos.

I search for local places so that i don’t have to travel too far but, places out of the way like quiet streets or beaches, otherwise i find it quite intimidating to set up all my equipment. I’m not a professional photographer but, i do love photography and buying the accessories to take better quality images, which means that i have overall accumulated a fair few number of props and equipment.

So i plan in advanced where i want to go and what i want to bring, this suites me because, otherwise i end up thinking that everything possible will go wrong on the day. Generally i bring my camera, camera bag, a few different lenses and some filters to add depending on the colours. I like this generally as whenever someone goes past i do not have equipment all along the floor blocking the path.

I understand that not everyone has the option to do this and go somewhere quiet but, i guess when you live somewhere you understand the best places for something like this.

I love to take photos against a flat wall or sat on an object such as the images i took for this post in the shrubs and flowers where i can add the surroundings as a background. These give me the best images and can be different with each photograph. In the evening is when i usually leave, to try and get the sunset and the last sunlight, its also when i feel the surrounding come to life like the birds chirping or the restaurant atmosphere increases.

I hope everyone enjoyed this post!


Trip to New York. Day 5

Day 5 was our last activity packed day since the last two days we spent shopping. During the day we went to the high line and on a food tour. We began by waking up early then had too rush to get to the tour, I will not give away too much about the tour, but it was quite a small group which was perfect so we all kept together at a steady pace walking around. It obviously was not the healthiest day however, in defence we managed to walk over 20,000 steps on that day. The tour updates depending on the food trends at the time so if you lived close by you could visit more than once. We started by going to a donut shop, where we were introduced to a donut covered in icing and seeds, it did not sound great but we tried it and they turned out amazing. Other foods that we tried were cupcakes, bagels and a burger. Finishing we ended up in the same place as we started, walking in a circle. I would recommend this for a small group.

Then we headed off to the high line, other then the odd ending it was amazing. I would never of expected such a refreshing area in a crowded city like New York. It was like a completely different place, there were sellers where we bought pieces of art to take back and great views. Our favourite part was the small stream of water running across the edge, if we were prepared like others we would have walked through it. It was one of my favourite parts of the trip and the perfect way to end the visit.

I would love the opportunity to go back to New York and visit again in the future, it made me realise how much i love travelling.

Unfortunately the plane was delayed on the way home but other than that i don’t think i could ever forget the trip.

Simple warm winter drink recipe

Over the holidays and festive period everyone likes to indulge, either by people at work bringing in treats to share or by the irresistible offers around each store you pass. People associate Christmas with hot chocolates but why not try other flavours of warm drinks to enjoy under a blanket. This year cafes large and small have introduced gingerbread flavoured drinks as the trend this year but they come with a cost, a warm drink like that can cost you way over £3 at a cafe although if you were to make it at home you not only get the experience of it being hand made but it costs a fraction of the price.

Spices are one of my favourite things and this first drink is ideal if you like water based drinks, this is the spiced cinnamon drink. You can present you drink as you choose and I recommend whipped cream for this but don’t hold back, cinnamon is not only delicious but has benefits too so this drink isn’t all bad for you. So sit by a fire or watch a festive film and make yourself one of these drinks.

This recipe makes one large drink so you can adapt the recipe to the number of people its for.

1. Get a small saucepan and measure out 2 cups of water then add that to the pan.

2. Put the saucepan on a hob and heat it up on low while you add the other ingredients.

3. Add half a cup of maple syrup, any works but Canadian is usually sweeter, the also add half a teaspoon of mixed spice and a full teaspoon of ground cinnamon.

4. Increase the heat of the hob to medium and stir occasionally to mix it together, leave it on the heat for 5-10 minutes till completely warmed through ( make sure to taste it so that you balance the spices to your preferred flavour )

5. You can filter the drink if you prefer a completely smooth drink at this stage.

6. Pour into a glass and top with whatever you choose then your done!

Simple swaps to improve your impact on the environment

So everyone has heard of the influence that David Attenborough has had on the world. He is the main person behind the ban on plastic straws so we have a lot to thank him for but that is not keeping up with the waste that we are producing. We cannot simply rely on a small change like that to save the earth, plastic is slowly vanishing from our lifestyle but what are further changed to reduce your implant on the environment?

New concepts like bamboo toothbrushes are great and i highly suggest purchasing one if you haven’t already, they are a small expense that goes a long way and are created using sustainable materials.

The next obvious change is a decline in your meat consumption as it is proven that food production accounts for almost a quarter of human-related emissions beef producing 40 percent of livestock emissions respectively, let alone the moral change you will feel happier knowing that your making a positive change. Cows are huge producers of carbon dioxide and the beef industry has a huge impact on the world as a main reason in the rainforest being destroyed.

Using products like bio-degradable deodorant and shampoo and conditioner products is a great change. This change adds up fast as the average person will go through hundreds of deodorant bottles alone in their life time. Many people do not realise the harmful chemicals in common products that we use everyday but we should also not use chemicals in these products everyday as it can actually have a bad impact on your health. Younger people go through more of these products and are the next generation so need to realise and step up as many already have in helping their carbon footprint.

Cutting back on the number of new clothes you purchase helps too, as it takes on average 2,700 litres to make one single cotton shirt. Clothing that is made from organic fabrics is a much better option and the way forward for fashion as we cannot all suddenly rely on second hand clothing. Noticing the water usage in clothing makes you more reluctant to buy new clothes and so also saves you money! Ideal clothing options that you may be interested in include: second hand clothing, organic cotton fabrics, bamboo fabrics, and even alpaca wool.

Taking time to recover

As you have probably noticed if your reading this i have not posted in a while, at first i never considered taking such a long period of time off my blog. My ambitions were to focus primarily on school because as many of you would know i am a teenager, additionally, i planned on trying to sort myself out as my mental health has been arising again recently. I have dealt with mental health issues for about half my life now, this time i attempted to reach out for proper help. The problem from this was that i had little time to do writing as i couldn’t correctly organise my time but i was never in the positive mindset that i was striving for during those times that i did have a spare few minutes or hours. To build on this i became distant from my goals in life and had to reconsider what i truly wanted and what would individually bring me happiness, this was tough before as i would have barely considered my own opinions before anyone else’s no matter who they were. I cannot simply say that i am healed and will never be that way again but i will go more into that in a separate post (if anyone is interested in more mental health posts).

So what have i been up to? To summarise it briefly i have been trying to add to some of the skills that i feel i enjoy and would find useful, this involves hobbies other then blogging that i enjoy like sports and socialising more. Recently i have structured a plan of what my aims are and how i can reach them, small and steady steps seem like the best option but i look forward to whatever the future brings! Making memories is a clique phrase that any blogger has used about a thousand times however that is what else i have been up to, i tried spending more time with family and sewing back the loose threads of the relationships we share.

What is going to change? Well in terms of blogging not much, i want to make time for it each day to work on it in anyway i can from photo shoots to writing to the layout altogether. I hope i can talk to more of you as you are the motivation behind this, and i want to feel like this is a safe place for people to go to if they have any questions.

Thank you

Create a positive mindset

Is the glass half full or half empty? It depends on whether you have a positive or negative mindset.

Stop saying i want, say i will.

Stop saying can’t say you can.

People say ‘just be more positive’ and it’s not that simple but, here are tips too build a positive mindset I learnt from a profettional.

Create a anchor, it can just be putting pressure on your hand however, when you have a positive feeling press the anchor. Over time you will be able to hold the anchor in a bad situation to flip your feelings, it helps to close your eyes and breath slowly at the same time to loose focus on your surroundings.

Listen, you might relise what surrounds you is quite relaxing. You might have music playing, or there could be rain clinging to the windows dripping onto the roof, or it could even be a dog howling near by. Have a poem read out loud, it all helps. You can also try imagining that your feet are attached to the floor. Not in a way which you would be stuck and trapped but where you can move but adjust your posture.

Remind yourself who you are, write down your achievements to look at in the morning if your stressed, and add pictures to make it aesthetically pleasing and encouraging.

Practise your breathing, doing yoga or taking a few minutes a day , there are tutorials on relaxing breathing online which is recommended watching.

Keep a diary, write down the good and the bad but if you release your emotions you can start the next day as a clear slate, you can start again. This helps with anger or negativity.

i hope these tips help you, if you try them each day you will definatly tell the difference.

Mental health: Getting advice

The first step to recovery from any type of mental health is finding help. There is always one person that understands what you are going through, if you don’t want to talk to family about it maybe just mention it a few times, and if your still at school they might have free help there. Once you look for it you will relise there are so many options and the variety of people suited to help are amazing! You may not find the perfect person first time but it’s like friends some of them move on, some of them stay.

From experience I searched online and once you organise the first session you will definatly feel relieved and like a weight has been lifted of your shoulders.

From there you need to open up to whoever you meet, it is not simple but overtime you begin to feel safe around them as no one else is involved.

If you are dealing with any issue related to this please contact a trusted family member or a guaranteed website.